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Criminal proceedings: Textbook for high schools / Under total. Ed. VI Radchenko.-

24th ed., Rev. and add. - M .: "Legal House" Yustitsinform ", 2006. - 784 p.
Textbook ugolovno4protsessualnogo rights prepared by a team

in accordance with the State educational standard of higher pro4

professional education in the specialty "Jurisprudence" (021100). It

based on the new Code of the Russian Ugolovno4protsessualnom Federa4

of 2001 as amended, as amended on 1 fev4

ary 2006

The tutorial discusses the changes and additions made to the Code of Criminal Procedure

the past five years; analyzes the general situation ugolovno4protsessualnoy

activity, legal regulation of criminal procedure and its development: dosu4

Debney production, judicial proceedings, including a review of cases in apellya4

Zion appeal and supervision order, the Court's examination,

arising from the execution of the sentence, a special procedure for criminal sudoproiz4

duction, as well as international cooperation in criminal sudoproiz4

production. In addition, the book is considered ugolovno4protsessualnoe ZA4

legislation of the CIS countries and a number of CIS countries. For convenience

Use the tutorial provided with alfavitno4predmetnym pointer.

For students, graduate students, researchers and teachers yuridiches4

cal faculties of universities and law schools. It may be used

practical work, as well as training and retraining ER4

Ganov police, investigation, prosecution and trial. It will be useful to citizens, inte4

resuyuschimsya matters of criminal justice.
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