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Criminal proceedings. The textbook for students of law schools and faculties (ed. Gutsenko KF). - M .: Publishing house "Mirror", 2005. - (Series "Classical university textbook").
The basis of the textbook written by professors and associate professors of the department of criminal proceedings, Justice and Prosecutorial Oversight Law Faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov laid the curriculum used in this department. It provides the information necessary for understanding the laws and other legal acts regulating the proceedings in criminal cases, including the Code of Criminal Procedure in 2001 with all the adjustments made to it. Also highlights the practice of this kind of legislation and other regulations, as well as provides information that allows you to get acquainted with the historical domestic and foreign advanced experience in the field of criminal justice.

The textbook is designed for law students and faculty, graduate students and professors. It may be of definite interest to practitioners.

Laws and other legal stuff updated as of January 25, 2005

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