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Eureka! Within the space of physics (Theory of Thrones) defined the next stage of mutual transformation of energy and matter, and that is aging with the subsequent dissolution of photons in a vacuum, and the revival of its energy in the gravitational mass - energy and, consequently, in the gravitational field of a star! Actually, the use of the wavelength range of a millimeter and centimeter has already brought very important information for cosmology and extragalactic astronomy, as well as for research of our Galaxy and objects in the solar system. The observed energy flux density of MI is superposition equilibrium MR, and radiation (fluctuations) from concrete processes. A group velocity of photons MR above on, 014% than the visible region, and therefore, the radiation from the stellar processes ranging MI come to the detector earlier than in the visible region. This effect was observed experimentally and, therefore, will allow further use of the wavelength ranges of millimeter and centimeter for advancing supervision over formation of a supernovae in the vicinity of the solar system!
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