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Few can even say quietly Fixed code engine ...


1. Not Removed file pinger.dat also allowed to use krona (contact your hosting administrator)

Improved redone

1.Uporyadocheny files

2. Create configuration files

3.Sozdan install.php file

4.Peredelan Appearance

5.Dvizhok quite simplified

6.Dorabotan appearance admin

7.Ves template moved to a separate folder =)

8. Now can run as the root folder or in a separate directory

9.Peredlka display information about the ftp server

10.Ispravleny almost all of the bugs that have been found =)

11.Nastroyka working links without CNC configured in the system / inc /

12.Adminka operated and maintained control konf.faylami

13.razresheno use Kroon (contact your hosting administrator)

14.Dobavlena have Russian language support and eng

15.Dobavleny classes

Slightly modified code (some even quietly)

Agree the price fuuu simple ..
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