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Elite proxy Russia (Moscow) 1000 IP v4 from 160 subnets of A-C class. Different date centers, high speed, unlimited traffic. Proxies work the entire paid period without having to constantly check for operability and replacements.
Super package - the best offer in RuNet!
The bonus price of the package is $ 20. The market price of this package is several times higher, since connecting IP from such a number of subnets requires a large number of servers in different data centers. Unlike packets from several subnets, where it is enough to connect a lot of IP to one server and get a discount in the data center. Working with a proxy package from different subnets, you reduce the probability of a "ban" on various services, and even if some subnets fall into a ban, the package will remain operational. Users who manage to buy a proxy before the end of the month at a bonus cost will have the opportunity to continue to renew the package at the same price.
Attention! This is a mix package, which includes a proxy from the 200, 300, 500, 700 IP packets on the site
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