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If you want to buy MINECRAFT PREMIUM + (CAPE), then you have come to the right place.
After payment you get a Minecraft account with the game.
Game description:
Minecraft game in which you can build your world!
It´s hard to find someone who does not know about this game, I hope you´re my friend is no exception!
The whole world in the game consists of cubes, which you can destroy with your pickax and extract minerals!
Play with other people on popular servers.
Do not just think about buying and playing! It´s worth it!
Data to be inserted into the Minecraft client
Data type: login: password!
When buying, you agree to the rules:
Replacement of the goods within 10 minutes from the date of purchase in case of no valida ONLY WITH THE PRESENCE OF VIDEO FROM THE MOMENT OF PURCHASE!
The rule is one for every buyer!
Who do not like the rules can not buy!
• Account Not returned (Replace only if not valid at time of sale)
• Replacement of accounts only within 10 minutes from the date of purchase.
• Guarantee at the time of sale.
• After the purchase, YOU accounts and only YOU are responsible for it.
• The change of all data is carried out by the buyer.
• If there is a secret question on your account, you can not return to the account and can not be exchanged!
31.01.2018 15:53:54
Отличный товар!

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