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Account for the XBOX ONE game console with games:
Steep™ – Winter Games Edition
1. We enter the purchased data from the account (username and password)
2. Settings - My console - Make home
3. Leave the purchased account
4. Go to your main profile
5. My Games and Apps - Games
6. Scroll right until the end until the icon of the package with the xbox logo appears
7. We wait till 30 seconds - The list of games ready for installation appears. In this list we search for the bought game.

The account is sold completely to one buyer, for full access, together with an attached email.attentionDue to the malfunctioning work of antifrod in the Microsoft system, mass distribution and the start-up of the bought Xbox One profiles by the buyers, which leads to the recall of the games. The following warranty conditions are recalled:

1) Warranty for purchased goods - 2 months

2) Replacement of the goods is possible for several reasons: non-compliance with the description; incorrect data sent to the buyer after the order; the termination of the game for reasons beyond the buyer´s control; absence of the declared goods on the specified data.

3) The store is not liable in case of loss or resale of the buyer of his goods.

4) Account is prohibited:
transfer to third parties, change information on the profile, password, protective email, try to buy games through the profile, or modify the profile in other ways, as well as use the profile as the main one, that is, play it, earn achievements, etc. </ attention>
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