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Account for the XBOX ONE game console with games:
South Park™: The Fractured but Whole™
The account is sold completely to one buyer, with full access, along with the attached email. After receiving the data, the buyer is allowed to change the password and additional mail on this account, you can use this account as the main account and earn achievements on it, the game on this account will not fly off! !!!!!!!!
The game on this account is activated by the code.

You can use this account on any number of consoles it will not crash.

1) Warranty for purchased goods - 6 months

2) After purchase, you can replace the password and additional mail with your own.

3) Forbidden: to change the region in the account itself, this will lead to loss of game content. Also it is forbidden to change the login of the account, it´s done so that I can make sure that this account was bought from me if there are problems with the game.
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