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After payment, you receive the Xbox Live account information to install the game on
  its XBOX 360 and a link to the video instruction on downloading and running the game.* Before you buy be sure to read the instructions below!This is an account that all people who bought it can use. To use it, you must have an internet connection!
The profile is considered common and is intended only for downloading and running games.ATTENTION !!!
On the (xbox one) does not work!/deliveryDownload Instructions:
1 - Press XBOX GUIDE BUTTON in the center of the controller - load the profile or turn on the console (select the profile for the input) by scrolling to the right until the download profile.
2 - Enter login and password information, RETAIN "SAVE PASSWORD" (MANDATORY)
3 - Go to your account: next - Settings - Account - Download log> Select the game (bought) go into it and click "Download again"
4 - Then download - install pack 1, install pack 2, install pack 3, install pack 4 for this game.
5 - After downloading (the download can be viewed in the active downloads section) the game is ready to be launched on your console.
6 - If after starting the game will ask you to install updates, agree and install.
7 - You can download add-ons for Online games from your profile directly from the game. (You can see the download progress in the active downloads section)deliveryATTENTION! To start the game, you must perform the following actions each time:
1 - We launch the game from the purchased account, we wait for the initial start of the game (sound of broken glass and police siren)
2 - Disconnect from the Internet (Turn off the cable or the router)
3 - We leave from the purchased account (the button in the middle, then the button x, and choose YES)
4 - Connect the Internet and go to your account - "log in (profiles (*)" (select your account, press A, then press B after login).
5 - We are waiting for the full load of the game, We are playing!/deliveryGeneral conditions for using a shared account.
1. Profile is sold in one hand for 6 hours after it is again put up for sale
(During this time you can easily download from the profile of the game)
2. After the expiration of 6 hours you will also have access to it at any time.
3. You can not change the password on the profile.
4. Without the Internet the game does not start.
5. It is forbidden to play with an account (it only serves to start and download the content you purchased)
6. It is forbidden to transfer and sell the account to others and to the console except your one console.
Warranty - Replacement is possible if:
 - Not a valid username / password.
 - Product does not meet the description.
 - If the seller has nothing to replace the goods - he will make a refund.

There are several points of the rules of USE OF THE COMMON PROFILE.
Paragraph 1
- Instructions for starting the game must be observed.
Paragraph 2
- If you are often "knocked out" when downloading the game, do not panic, wait a little - (7-10min) and try to download the game a little later ("knocks out" due to the fact that one of the buyers went to the profile in order to run game)
Paragraph 3
- This profile is intended for use on the console where the region of Russia is supplied. The IP address can not be Russian.
   If errors occur:
   1) 80151012 - An error caused by Microsoft security policy requires the authorization of your IP address - it is treated one time (write to the seller in CHAT or on the paid product page in the section "My purchases". )
   2) If there are other errors, do not hurry to write negative feedback, we will be happy to help you if you describe your problem on the page.
Paragraph 4
- The seller has the right, at any time to conduct a profile check. (Play on a shared account is prohibited by the rules ("Point 5" basic conditions))
Paragraph 5
- Resell, Exchange, Transfer data from an account to third parties - DO NOT!
Paragraph 6
- Do not use this profile on the stitched consoles.

If after the purchase you did not receive the data or they were not correct, do not panic, just write to the seller at CHAT or on the paid product page in the section "My purchases". We will fix the situation.
Pay attention to the status of the seller online / ofline, usually the seller online after 15:00 to 21:00 (+2 GMT).
Communicate with the seller only in Russian! For communication in other languages, Google Translate will be used.

Having read this agreement you agree to purchase and use this profile for personal non-commercial purposes, this profile is intended only for acquaintance with the full versions of games and does not transfer to you any rights to ownership on an ongoing basis./delivery
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