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The nominal value of the card is 1200 rubles.

The main package of "Ediniy" includes more than 200 channels, including more than 30 - in high definition. As part of a package of film a lot of TV channels, broadcast in which you will see and novelties of modern cinema, and priceless classics, as well as educational, entertainment, music, sports and news channels, a wide selection of radio stations and more!

The number of channels available for viewing depends on the technical capabilities of the receiving equipment.

Card activation deadline to 30.04.2019 (inclusive).

================================================== ==========================
Activation of payment cards via the Internet:

Go card activation -
Enter the number of the subscriber contract or a 12-digit (or 14-digit) ID.
Enter without spaces secret code of the card.

Activating a mobile phone:

To activate the card, send to the number 1082 SMS-message with the text:
The TK [space] ID number of your reception equipment * [space] the secret code of the card
Example of SMS message: TK 123456789101 98765432109876543210.
================================================== ===========================
If you have any problems with the activation of the card, please contact us, our managers will hold payment of the package, in a letter to specify the number of your receiver ID "Tricolor TV" and a description of the problem.
================================================== ===========================
The package of TV channels Ediniy is suitable for single receiver Tricolor TV receivers acquired up to 2016 inclusive, models of receiving equipment:
GS 53XX / 73XX / 83XX / 93XX / 6301 / B210 / B211 / B212 / U510 / U210 / E212 / B520 / B522 / Module CI +
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пин активировался
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Спасибо! Очень быстро :)
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все ок

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