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Uploaded: 22.04.2018

Positive responses: 152
Negative responses: 5

Sold: 660
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After payment you will receive a launcher with automatic updates!

 Undetected: Not detected by BattlEye or Anti-Cheat on 04/22/2018 </ attention>
With the help of which you will be able to shoot from any gun without recoil (kickback of the matchless).
After activation, you will be able to

You can only include what you need.
The second point on the update.

 1) - MAP HACK
   - display of opponents on the map
   - display of airspaces
   - display of corpses with loot
   - display of loot (weapons, med.kit, ammunition modifications, etc.)
   - display vehicles transport, motorcycles, boats;
   - display the number of players and squads
   - the sound plays when there is 1 minute left until the circle is narrowed

 </ delivery>

 delivery- ANTI RETURN with all weapons (all bullets fly to one point) - three options (ON UPDATE)
2) easy anti-recoil, 2) improved anti-recoil 3) hard mode everything flies to the point (no animation shaking)
- when viewing the repeat, it is not noticeable that the anti-recoil of 1 and 2 variants is used
 - Illumination of enemies!
 - No grass (cutting grass, bushes) + 30-40 FPS
 - Removed the texture of the earth
 - You can turn off the sound of the red zone
 - No smoke from smoke grenades, and do not dazzle flash drives
 - Fast treatment
 - passage through the door

Activation in one click.

 - ESP seen all through the walls (ON PROCESSING)
 - Transparent walls (COMING SOON!) </ Delivery>

Works without bans for 5 months

Chit is fully functional after the upgrade to date.
Buy cheats for Pubg (PlayerUnknown´s Battlegrounds)
deliveryAfter the purchase, you will receive a cheat and easy activation in the click </ delivery>

Any resale is prohibited! Will deactivate and disconnect from updates

Buying and using the cheat, you agree that all the risks you take on yourself.

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You will receive the instruction and the CHIT itself to run on the second PC or virtual machine (where only the radar will be included).
23.04.2018 12:12:11
Адекватный продавец, всегда на связи, выходят автоматические обновления через лаунчер. Рекомендую.
22.04.2018 20:11:56
Thanks, you are the best <3 <3 <3 <3
22.04.2018 19:10:33
Radar working perfectly, easy install
21.04.2018 19:44:39
Thanks you very much for the cheat and for your hard work
best cheat for pubg very safe one
20.04.2018 12:29:58
Всё супер!
19.04.2018 23:22:03
18.04.2018 19:58:14
16.04.2018 17:02:44
Very Trusted Hack the Seller is very nice and friendly, if you have any questions just ask him. if you can´t start the hack send him the message about how to. :)

i am lucky to know about this hack ^.^
15.04.2018 13:28:46
Nothing wrong for now and 1weeks.. His support is very good..
12.04.2018 21:52:36
Отличный продавец. Софт работает исправно, обновы вовремя! Софт работает 3й месяц!

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