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The nominal value of the card is 1200 rubles.

According to the new Terms of Service "Tricolor TV" from 02.03.2015 access to an additional package is possible only if there is a paid subscription to the main package of TV channels SINGLE.

Approved by parents! *

A package of TV channels created especially for children of all ages. The best cartoons and favorite heroes. Cognitive, developing and teaching telecasts. Entertaining shows and good old tales.

The service is available to subscribers, owners of equipment receiving the signal from the Express-AMU1 and Eutelsat 36B satellites in the MPEG-4 format.

* According to the results of a sociological survey of Tricolor TV subscribers conducted by LLC FortLine in March 2013. The survey involved 1,026 subscribers who have children under the age of 12 years.

Card activation until December 31, 2019.

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Activation of the payment card via the Internet:

Click on the card activation link -
Enter the subscriber agreement number or 12-digit (or 14-digit) ID.
Enter the secret card code without any spaces.

Activation from mobile phone:

To activate the cards, send an SMS message to the number 1082 with the text:
TK [space] ID number of your receiving equipment * [space] secret card code
Example of SMS message: TK 123456789101 98765432109876543210.
================================================== ===========================
If you have problems with activation of the card, contact us, our managers will pay the package, write the number of your receiver ID "Tricolor TV" in the letter and a description of the problem.
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