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The report is intended to obtain information on the distribution of accrued vacation payable on monthly leave. The report is developed on the basis of a universal report, which allows you to flexibly adjust its structure, create an arbitrary number of new report options with different selections and settings.
It can be used for configurations of PM version 2.5, UPP version 1.3.
To generate a report, you must select the period in which employees are paid vacation. For a more visual presentation of the data, it is recommended to fomorize the report for one month.
In the settings panel in the "Parameters" group, you must specify all settlement types that are holidays, by which you should receive information in the report. By default, there are two predefined calculation types: "Payment for vacation on calendar days" and "Payment for vacation for six days."
In the "Selection" group in the settings panel, selections for the organization, employee, division are configured.
In the "Sort" group in the settings panel, the report fields are selected, by which the data will be sorted.
Together with the report, two options are provided, the form of which is shown in the figures below - "Primary" (with groupings by organization, division and types of calculation) and "No grouping by organization" (only with grouping by staff).
It can be used for configurations of ZUP version 2.5, UPP version 1.3.
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