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The external print form TORG-16 is intended for the document "Requirement-overlay" of the configuration "Management of the production enterprise" (version 1.3).
In the SCP configuration, there is no similar form for the "Demand-waybill" document and as a result, the write-off acts are filled in by hand on the form.
This form is used when decorating the spoilage arising for one reason or another, loss of quality of goods not subject to further implementation.
The act is made in triplicate and signed by the members of the commission, the composition of which is determined by the head of the organization.
The unified form No. ТОРГ-16 was approved by the Decree of the State Statistics Committee of Russia No. 132 of December 25, 1998.
The proposed file is a processing that is connected through the "External processing" directory.
In the "External processing" directory, you need to create a new element, select the form "Print form, and load the processing file." In the table form "Printed form membership", specify the document "Requirement-waybill." After all the settings, you must save them by pressing the button "OK." After adding the processing, the added TORG-16 print form will be available in the "Print" menu of the "Demand-invoice" document.
After clicking on the "Print" button for the connected printing form, a window will be opened for filling in the members of the commission, it will be necessary to indicate the responsible persons whose information will be displayed in printed form TORG-16. When the TORG-16 form is subsequently printed, the list of responsible persons will automatically be filled in this window of their custom form settings, but you can edit it manually.
For the configuration of "Enterprise Management" (version 1.3).
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