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This is a vector files: Corel Draw (.cdr file v.11 and higher) + Adobe Illustrator (.ai file v.8 and higher) format of animal head - laser cutting file template for wall decoration.

You can use it and create cardboard animal head (see attached photos).

This file is suitable for laser cut machine or CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine with material with 3 mm thickness (cardboard, plywood, MDF, acrylic, boxboard, etc...)

You can buy new cardboard or other materials in many places in your city and you can find laser cut or CNC milling services in many places too. It´s very popular now and many companies provide this kind of services.

So you can make many animal heads from many materials as gifts for you friends and other people or you can start your own small business and sell these heads. It´s very popular now.
I have another animals too.

I can sell: deer, elk, rabbit, giraffe, horse, unicorn, rhinoceros, sheep, bear, bull

you can find these files in the same shop or send me a message.
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