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Three exclusive and bright channel in high-definition. Rich and deep colors, more clear picture than Full HD, and expressive details in your TV.

The package is available to subscribers whose receiving equipment is able to recognize the format 4K Ultra HD (eng. TV ultra high definition), and the TV is able to stream TV channels in the specified format. Full HD (eng.) — high definition TV.

"For the first time in Russia": according to the research TelecomDaily from 08.07.2016, satellite broadcasting TV channels to Ultra HD in Russia presented to NAO "national satellite company", the first Russian operator to launch regular broadcasting in this format.
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Названия товаро.
Триколор ТВ пакет Ultra HD 12месяцев 170
Не покупаите етот продавец афирист полни лохотрон.купил и невклучаеца.
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