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It has long been wondering how to record a video replay of World of Tanks? Charge this chore to me! I´m ready to record video from a replay in excellent quality FullHD.

What you get:
1) FullHD video resolution of 1920x1080 pixels
2) Video of the replay will be recorded at maximum graphics settings
3) The ability to select the record to replay the music on or off

How to order
- Download replay from which it is necessary to make a video on the site
- When ordering, please refer to the downloaded replay
- Specify whether to include the standard in the music game (disabled by default)

The finished video from the recorded replay will be sent to your e-mail used to make the payment.

Optional: For each positive feedback you get a coupon for 20% discount. The next video will be even cheaper!
01.05.2018 13:57:52
Всё отлично!
26.09.2017 17:53:37
Все хорошо, качество отличное