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Number, PIN Euroset universal card (8-800) 500 rubles

Validity - 12 months from the date of activation.
The main advantage of universal cards Euroset is the ability to make calls to the 8-800 number from all over Russia for free, even from a mobile phone. Check tariffs please visit

To make a call simply dial a free access number 8 (800) 555-38-76

Calls to 8-800 from all over the territory of Russia is free, even from a mobile phone that is in the national roaming.

Often call friends and family abroad? Then you know how much money is spent on long distance calls. But communication should not ruin it should bring joy and pleasure. Maps allow telephone talk more and pay less. It is time to speak freely!

General information on the map:

1. The charging begins to answer the call.

2. Calls duration of 6 seconds or less are free.

3. Calls for longer than 6 seconds per minute rounded.

4. The score card can be replenished.

5. The cheapest calls over the Internet. More

Options dialing from the main menu:

- Calls for Russia "8" (area code) (phone number)

- Calls for the world, "810" (the country code area code) (phone number)
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