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After payment you will get the solution of C1 B90 (Figure 9 condition 0) termehu of Reshebnik Targ SM 1988 for part-time students. Solution fulfilled by methodical instructions and control tasks for external students of energy, mining, metallurgy, electrical instrument and automation technology specialties, as well as geological, electrical, electronic engineering and automation, chemical and technological, engineering and economic specialties universities. The decision formalized in format word, packed to the archive zip.
Solution of the C1 Option 90 on the theoretical mechanics of Targa SM 1988 .. Conditions to the problem of Static section 1 (p. 12 in the training manual Targa): Rigid frame, located in the vertical plane (Fig. S1.0 - S1.9, Tab. C1) is fixed at A hinged and at point B, or attached to a weightless rod BB1, or hinge support on rollers; a rod attached to the frame and to the fixed support hinges. On the frame are couple forces from the moment M = 100 kN * m and two power values, direction and point of application are indicated in the table (e.g., in a number 1 on the frame a force F1 = 10 N at an angle 30 ° to the horizontal axis, applied at point K and the force F4 = 40 H at 60 ° to the horizontal axis, attached at point H, and the like. d.). Define the connections at points A, B, caused by a given load. When the final calculations take l = 0,5 m.

I would be very grateful if, after successful completion of the work will bring you back to the site and leave a positive review. Believe me, for me it is very important.

Thanks in advance.
25.12.2014 21:54:51
Спасибо, то что нужно!Задача очень понятно и развернуто решена:)

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