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emlog - Chinese script is an easy blogging users, combines a powerful engine that generates a minimum load on the server and can be used on any hosting. emlog is licensed GPL (free use) that adds him another fat plus.

Beautifully written script engine blog emlog very different from their counterparts, so that properly distributes the load on the server and, accordingly, for it to work less than the necessary resources and

server memory!

Emlog made on the main bunch of PHP and MySQL and is one of the most powerful platforms for conducting personal blog (blogs).

This engine is very nimble and light, what drew their attention to the many bloggers. The engine emlog practically no bugs, and because of that he is fast and stable.

emlog easy to install and maintain. Admin and support the main blog template and layout. In the standard admin has two skins: green and blue. emlog extremely easy to use and blogging users. At the moment, the Chinese script emlog is a leader in this area.

======== Basic functions and features emlog ============

Support for custom URL blogs

for more search engine friendly indexing.

A unique feature of the system

microblogging, which makes it easy to keep records of his diary (blog).

Replacing the touch of a template that allows you to create / maintain quickly and easily your personal blog.

Now, writing the blog has become even more convenient and safe! While writing a blog feature works automatically save your content.

You can go to Drafts and use it to restore function or continue previously written blog, you can then publish it.

Perfect for blogging from a mobile phone.

There is support for the software Windows Live, with which you can create and write notes.

Convenient side panel components (widgets). You can easily customize all the components "by itself", as you prefer.

There is a powerful plug-in to support other extensions that extends the capabilities of a blog.

You can easily create and arrange pages, ads, navigation bar.

There is a possibility of co-authorship.

There is a support system katagory tags (tags) and the traditional classification categories.

Easy loading and managing attachments (photos, documents).

After you download photos directly embedded into the content of the blog.

Intuitive, fast and convenient access to blogs during calendar.

Technology powerful, aggressive data caching blogs.

Standard use UTF-8 encoding, so that your blogs will be available to the entire world community.

Using a blog cross-browser WYSIWYG editor, which can be easily edited articles in generally accepted formats.

Support backlinks (archive) and perelinkovka blogs.

O function for creating blogs RSS subscriptions.

The function Backup / Restore Database.

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