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InterPhoto - a powerful and at the same time easy to use multi-user system image storage. It can be used for site design companies, galleries, fashion shops, etc.

Key features:

A simple, secure, fast and stable code. Not large, compressed to 400 KB.

Support for multiple languages, the default language 2.

3 groups of users by default (you can add your own), managing permissions for them: download, download, view, comments, watermarks, and more.

Using technology templates Smarty (default with two templates) to improve performance and speed of the site.

Images for sale.

The multilevel catalog of images.

The function of dynamic watermarks, adjusting the image watermark and location.

Site News, articles (eg About Us, Contact Us, etc.).

Simple and practical WYSIWYG editor.

Online Editor languages \u200b\u200band templates for easier editing and language patterns.

NC optimizatsatsiya for search engines.

Database maintenance, troubleshooting, backup, optimization, repair, data recovery single table or the entire database of the site.

Multiboot images.

And much more ...

System requirements:

Web server: Unix or Linux (recommended), Windows.

PHP 4.1 or higher.

MySQL 4.0 or higher.


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