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The collection of 12 songs about the Great Patriotic War in the arrangement for solo guitar:

Where are you now, fellow?

-My Lovely

-Vecher On the roads

-Moskvichi (Earrings with Malaya Bronnaya)

-Blue Handkerchief

-Risuyut Boys War

- Holy War (Arise, great country)

- Spark

- On the sunny polyanochke

- Alesha

- Accidental Waltz

- In the woods near the front

Execution of all the songs (except the last one in the list), you can see in the accompanying video here
File pdf, notes duplicated tabulaturoy.Est watermark protection and file changes. If your reader beginning "to swear" (do not open the file), or incorrectly printed (the watermark on top of the music) - use the Foxit Phantom - I have a problem with the file takoy.Budut - contact me, I will help 100%

The request not to spread the acquired notes you free access. Enjoy parse successful game!
31.03.2015 14:30:46
Большое спасибо за такие качественные аранжировки любимых песен!
Игорь, с наступающим праздником Победы!
19.12.2014 11:59:07
Спасибо автору аранжировок, Игорю Горохову!
Прекрасные песни в очень хорошем исполнении
и качественно сделанными нотными приложениями и табами.
С уважением - Виктор

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