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The legendary theme from the musical "Fantom As The Opera", successfully translated, is presented in three versions: simple (, slightly more complicated (not recorded on video), and modulation (soon to be recorded). The play sounds good, I play it myself at concerts, useful for practicing the independence of melodic lines, there is a small barre, the bass line sounds without stopping the entire composition.
For guitarists of elementary and intermediate levels of preparation. Files pdf, notes + tablature from below. If there are any problems with the file (errors, no download link, etc.) - contact me (mail, Skype), I will help 100%
Also practice lessons on Skype, contact mrpedagog.
Kindly requested: do not upload the arrangements you have purchased (or dialed in another music editor) in free access. Please, when publicly performing, or when transferring to another electronic format - indicate the author of the transposition. Thank you once again for the financial support, pleasant analysis, good game!
04.02.2018 14:52:56
Интересное переложение. Разучивается сравнительно нетрудно, однако начинающим будет непросто привыкнуть к постоянно повторяющемуся аккомпанементу. Но это для начинающих и хорошо - можно освоить данную технику.
Автору спасибо за работу.
14.11.2014 20:48:27
табы и ноты написаны качественно

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